Six Counties Seven Sins

Welcome to the blog for my novel, Six Counties Seven Sins. Based on the Irish folktale “The Story of the Little Bird”, Six Counties Seven Sins provides mystical insight into Christianity as experienced by a somewhat disturbed individual– William Stone.

Blog entries are arranged in time order– most recent to the earliest. A few are sample excerpts from the book, but most entries either provide insights into the writing process or clarify small nuances Irish not generally known by stateside readers. I hope you enjoy reading the novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.

William Stone is a fish out of water. From exile, he returns to his native Northern Ireland to serve as a missionary in Belfast only to find his assignment has changed. Removed to a sleepy section of County Down, he is compelled to take lodging with a nationalist family while serving at the loyalist church across the lough. In due time the natural and supernatural worlds clash while, in the midst of multiple romantic encounters, William struggles to grasp the truth about himself and about his troubled native homeland.

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Although founded in recent Irish historic events, Six Counties Seven Sins is entirely a work of fiction. Its characters are not based on any actual human beings, and the story is not directly related to any actual events that have ever happened. However, with the exception of the details surrounding the fictitious villages of Duncraven and Dunshane Cross, the name places in the novel are accurately presented by the author.